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1 Second Slicer Fastest Food Slicer

The 1 Second Slicer takes the work out of preparing healthy meals. Quickly chop, dice, slice, quarter, dice or even julienne fruits and vegetables. Just place food on the reducing blade and press down on the hinged lid and the chopping is done. The clear base even has a snap-on lid for conserving leftovers. Includes stainless steel blade insert and also a 3-piece V-slicer.

One Second Slicer
Nothing is Faster Than the One Second Slicer!

Aren’t you tired of cutting as well as dicing by hand? Had enough of those large dicers and also choppers that clutter your kitchen counter and cabinets? You need the 1 Second Slicer. It is an all-in-one cooking prep station that will certainly slice, dice, chop, shred, julienne and quarter all sort of fruits and vegetables and it is extremely fast!

Serrated blades used in most food slicers are a more general all purpose type of blade suitable for slicing cheese, meats, vegetables, and fruits. The One Second Slicer makes this kitchen chore easier and faster.

1 Second Storage Slicer

What are the greatest features of the One Second Slicer As Seen On TV? It quickly dices, slices, chops, minces and even juliennes fruits and vegetables. It is so fast you won’t have time to tear up from slicing onions.  The stainless steel blades should stay nice and sharp for a long time.

The One Second Slicer is simply the best food preparation station! You will wonder how you ever did without it.

Pro chefs know the trick to cooking is even-sized dicing and chopping. Now you can obtain expert cut size. When done chopping keeps food in one small container just the size of a loaf of bread! Slice a pile high mountain of potatoes in secs! And also cut them in different shapes and sizes! When 1 Second Slicer does it all, why to invest hundreds on several one-use devices and devices!

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Buy the Fastest Food Slicer the 1 Second Slicer!

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