30 Second Smile Clean Teeth

30 Second Smile keeps your teeth as shiny and clean as the day you left the dentist’s office.
The revolutionary technology cleans all tooth surfaces perfectly every time!


The 30 Second Smile Benefits:

• Does it all in just 30 seconds
• Reverse gingivitis in only 2 weeks
• Available for children and adults

Get a 30 Second Smile

Brush your Teeth Perfect Every Time
A Dentist Clean Smile Everyday
The Ultimate in Teeth Care

Perfect results EVERYTIME! With 30 Second Smile, you get a precise cleaning each and every time. All you do is bite and guide! The 30 Second Smile automatically brushes your teeth by using the preferred method recommended by dentists and periodontists (the Bass brushing technique).  And, its “can’t make a mistake” design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging your gums and helping save your teeth. The 30 Second Smile™ was invented, designed and engineered in the U.S.

30 Second Smile for Adults

30 Second Smile for Kids


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