Air Climber Stepper Exercise Machine

Air Climber

The Air Climber is the revolutionary workout machine that uses natural air-power to create an intense and effective exercise routine that’ll change and sculpt your body like never before!

The Air Climber is a workout machine of natural air-power that creates an exercise routine that can change and sculpt your body like never before!  Step, step, step your body thin on the air climber.

The Air Climber uses patented air power technology that creates resistance with every step that you take. Simply pump the bellows of the Air Climber that are located underneath each of the foot pedals. When you step and walk on the Air Climber, air moves between one bellow to the other, therefore creating resistance that your whole body will benefit from.

Air Climber As Seen On TV. Have fun burning calories while you tone your body. Feels like you are stepping on air.

Get tighter abs and buns while stepping on air. A very portable stepper. This min stepper is really helping people to lose weight.

And because the AirClimber uses the power of air, that minimizes the impact and jarring that conventional workout machines would create for your joints and muscles. What that means is that you’ll be able to use your AirClimber for a longer period of time, and not feel tired, sore and in pain afterwards.

Developed by Brenda Dygraf, US Aerobic Champion and internationally recognized fitness expert, The Air Climber is the convenient and ultimate walking workout machine that will help you burn calories and get fit all with the power of air!

Get in shape and work out. Use this exercise machine which feels like you are walking on air, it is the ultimate walking workout.

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Air Climber

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