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Shop for the best selling as seen on tv automotive products. Buy car gadgets that have been advertised on tv.

Bit 360 Screwdriver | 6 in 1 Magnetized Screwdriver Holds Bits

Order the Screwdriver That Changes Bit Quickly with a Twist! BIT 360 is sure to be the only screwdriver you’ll ever need. This is because its chamber turns and holds six common screwdriver bits. It can also hold bits you currently own.

BIT 360 is simple to make use of. To change out a bit, twist to align the bit, and push to insert a brand-new bit. There is no more bits, because they are all kept in one area with BIT 360.

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Car Valet Seat Wedge Double Cup Holder

Order the Car Valet and Get Extra Storage Space Instantly!

The Car Valet installs easily in between your console and car seat. It features 2 extra cup holders and more storage space for cell phones and also accessories.

Developed for extra space and to help you be more organize in your vehicle.

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Clever Grip Spring Loaded Vent Clamp Holds Smart Phone

Click Here to Get a Special Offer on the Clever Grip!

Clever Grip is an awesome smart phone clip that has a super strong grip that holds your phone in place. You just simply clip it to one of your car vents.

Stop fumbling and dropping your smart phone while driving in your car. Get the Clever Grip for your car and keep your phone in view. It has a adjustable pivoting head that allows you to easily and safely use your cellphone’s GPS or streaming music, and talk without having to take your eyes off the road.

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HD Vision Visor | High Definition Car Visor

Click for Special Offer on HD Vision Visor
With HD Vision Visor you can block out the blinding glares from the sun during the day and at night block out the glares from oncoming headlights. Drive safer at night by eliminating harsh glares from headlights.

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Easy View XT Sun and Glare Visor

Stop the Blinding Glare with Easy View XT
The Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate attachment that is specially tinted to diffuse sunlight and glare. It installs easily to a car visor. It can effectively and safely reduce headlight glare at night.

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Night View NV Aviator Sunglasses Block Nighttime Glare

NightView Glare Reduction Glasses Special Online Offer
Night View glasses have specially coated lenses that block nighttime glare. They are great for any weather conditions. The sunglasses come in aviator stylish frames and are virutally indesctructible.

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Gripgo Cell Phone Holder Hands-Free Car Mount

Gripgo is the cutting edge hands-free mount for safe driving! You could place it anywhere on the dashboard, and use it with practically any sort of style phone or gps gadget!

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Fuel Shark Save at The Gas Pump

The fuelshark is so easy, just plug it in and go. Take a bite out of your car’s gas bill with the fuel shark. Get your money’s worth at the gas pump.

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Click N Stay – Seat Belts for Dogs

Click N Stay is the fast and easy way to secure your dog in your vehicle. Now you can securley belt them in with the Click N Stay pet product.

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Half Time Drill Driver Drilling to Driving

Half Time Drill Driver is great for DIY projects, professional contractors and first time users. Go from drilling to driving.

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