Awesome Auger Yard Tool

Awesome Auger

The awesome auger is another great product that is advertises on TV.

The Awesome Auger takes the hard work out of yard work!

Plant twice as much in half of the time
Dig holes, plant trees, shrubs and bushes with ease
Blast through hard rock or clay
Cut through thick roots
Power out rock and remove stubborn tree stumps
Yard work with no bending, backaches or blisters
Yard work without the work
Auger that attaches to any drill

It works great on digging post holes, planting trees, bulbs and shrubs, removing weeds and tilling and cultivating plants. You can make your yard look like a professional landscaper did the work.

With the awesome augers patented steel design you can blast through rock or clay. Did you ever dig and come across those stubborn roots? With the awesome auger you can easily cut through the roots. Easily power out rocks and remove stumps. Get the awesome auger and see why Billy Mays is very excited about this great garden yard tool.

Save money, time and backaches! Also check out the special bonus offers you get with this auger!

Awesome Auger 

Billy Mays has been seen advertising the awesome auger on television.


Awesome Auger Gardening Tools


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  1. Have you seen this one? The demonstration is in loose dirt and mulch and then ol’ Billy touts how it blasts through dirt. They show this and then mention that you can use it to plant trees, thrubs and post holes Yikes! Ok, maybe the small pine trees that 1st graders plant.

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