BackBridge Easy Solution to Relieve Back Pain

BackBridge Stop the Back Pain


BackBridge is the Unique Two Minute Solution To Relieve Back Pain

BackBridge is the first and one of the only back pain devices specially developed to help relieve core imbalance. Stop letting back pain get in the way of you living your life to the fulliest.

Stretch on the Back Bridge

The Backbridge was designed by Dr. Todd Sinett and it comes with 4 stackable levels to expand with you as you gain health and flexibility in your spine. It is simple, easy and safe to use. The BackBridge System will help you achieve a back pain-free life. Its unique, lightweight, portable design is perfect to use at home, in the office, and even in the car. Use it virtually anywhere you experience discomfort and want relief.

Why suffer with back pain when you can get almost instant relief  using this device. Save on trips to the chiropractor or spending money on expensive creams and over the counter pain relief medicines. No pills to take or back braces to wear. Just lay down on the bridge or put it behind you when driving or sitting in a chair.

Are you tired of back pain making things difficult for you?

Do you have problems getting in and out of your car? Is it difficult to bend down and tie your shoes because of the pain in your back? Does it hurt to pick up or play with your child? Is sitting comfortable hard to do? Is getting out of bed a struggle? If so you should buy the Backbridge and get your life back.

The Back Bridge is made from soft and comfortable high density foam.

buy the back bridge

Order the 4 Tier Backbridge Today!

You will be amazed by all you get with the Backbridge System. You get the 4 tier unit, a convent strap to hold it in place and a quick start guide. You also get free bonus items!


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