Bake Pops Little Cake Lollipops on a Stick

Bake Pop

Bake Pops are little cakes on a stick. They are fun to make and decorate. More then just yummy goodies but also a fun activity to do with your kids.

Bakepops are great for special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays, sleep overs and more. Kids love creating their own special tasty bake pop treat. They are quick and easy to make and you can use just about any kind of cake mix. Delicious bite sized cakes on a stick.

So so easy to create beautiful little cakes, just fill the pan, pop in the oven, then pop, dip & decorate. BakePops look like cake lollipops.

With Bake Pop, you can make and bake any cake pops you can imagine. They are ideal for birthdays, holidays or anytime. Bake Pops are the definite sure fire way to everyone in on a fun activity of tasty treats and you get everything you need to make, decorate & serve your Bake Pop creations.

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