Ball Pets | Plush Ball Turns into a Stuffed Animal

Ball Pets for Kids, a Ball with a Pet Inside

Ball Pets are a a plush ball that turns into a soft stuffed animal.They have two main features they can be a ball that children toss around and then then they can also be a cute stuffed animal.

Ball Pets

The stuffed animal balls as seen on tv.

There are many to choose from. The fun plush balls with the pet inside come as the Jolly Green Dragon, Sunny the Puppy, Puffy the Purple Bear, Berry the Blue Kitty, Pinky the Unicorn and Red Rover the Puppy.

So if you first have it as a soft plush ball it can be rolled, tossed or thrown around with ease. On the infomercial for Ball Pets children are seen throwing the ball in a basketball hoop.

Ball Pets for Kids

They are also strong enough to use as a bowling ball for those kids size plastic bowling pins. Then they can easily change into a soft and cuddly plush animal and then in a snap back to a ball.

This fun kids stuffed animal ball toy is sure to keep kids busy for hours. Then at night a  soothing pal for nighttime sleep. It’s a toy that is sure to be taken for naps, sleepovers and long road trips. Children are sure to love these unique plush balls with a  very cute surprise as they change into a stuffed animal friend.

Ball Pets are plush stuffed animal toys that come from outer space, just kidding! To change them from a stuffed animal you just pop them closed and they are ready to roll for endless fun!  Want them back as a stuffed toy? Ball Pets are perfect to play with inside or outdoor. It’s a ball with a pet pal inside.

Which Ball Pet will you choose?
Sonny the Puppy
Jolly Green Dragon
Berry Blue Kitty
Red Rover Puppy
Pinky the Unicorn
Puffy the Purple Bear

Buy Ball Pets

Order Your Ball Pets Today, Roll’Em, Catch’Em and Toss’Em!


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