Color Burst Battle Balloons Fill and Tie 40 Color Filled Balloons At Once

Color Burst Battle Balloons Fill 40 Balloons with Matching Colored Water

Color Burst Battle Balloons Bonanza is a brand-new method to fill up and then tie and seal water balloons. Making water balloons is now so very simple.

Make lots of water balloons extremely quick! The magic happens when the water slides down in the quick cylinder system that fills up 40 balloons all at once! As they glide down the water sealing chamber technology ties them tight, so they’ve prepared right away for air travel.

It’s a Balloon Bonanza! Make Mountains of Water Balloons Freaky Fast! – As Seen on TV

Just what are the very best features of the Battle Balloons with Color Inside System? You could seal as well as fill up 40 water balloons in seconds. Yes, really!  The system has a small layout so you could take it anywhere. Fill a bunch of balloons at once.

Water Balloons As Seen On TV – Balloons Fill with Matching Colored Water

40 Water Balloons

Water balloons are small, thin rubber balloons filled with a colored liquid, which is typically water. They are meant to be destroyed. They are usually used by children, who toss them at each other, attempting to get each other wet. You can play balloon toss with them or as a prank throw them at an unsuspected person. 

Fill Water Balloons Fast

Includes 120 water balloons that fill with colored water

Balloon Bonanza is the enhanced and also brand-new means to load and also seal several water balloons quickly. The magic is the rapid cylinder system that fills up 40 balloons. As the water moves down aqua-sealing technology ties them tight, so they’re all set to be thrown.

The New Way To Easily Fill & Seal Water Balloons In Just Seconds.

Presenting Battle Balloon Bonanza Color Burst! The fast and easy way to prepare for a water bombs balloon throwing event. All you do is just attach to your outdoor hose, turn the water on and watch as your balloons quickly expand and then pop off already tied. These water balloons are so very easy to make; your outdoor water duel can begin in seconds.

Buy Balloon Bonanza

Order Battle Balloons with a Color Burst Today!



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