Bedtime Buddies Bedtime Story Stuffed Animal

Bedtime Buddies The Stuffed Animal That Tells the Best Bedtime Stories

With the super cute and plush Bedtime Buddies, kids just might stay in bed and fall asleep quicker. This makes for a very happy parent or care giver.

Bedtime Buddies is great for playtime, napping and bedtime. You  just squeeze the plush toy’s hand for a fun bedtime story,  song or rhyme. The fabric has heavy duty stitching,  and is made with super plush chenille and   perfect for bedtime snuggling.

Bedtime Buddies just squeeze the arm and the stuffed animal tells a bed story, rhyme or song. Collect all three Penelope the Princess, Pierce the Pirate, and Sir Nathan the Knight!

Bedtime stories have been around for a long time. They help for the parent and child to bond and also another advantage is helps for kids to fall asleep feeling secure and relaxed. It has been said the best thing for reading with your child at bedtime is to set up a routine at the same time when possible every night. Now you can incorporate a Bedtime Buddy into your routine. Let the plush animal be the storyteller and enjoy this special moment with your child. This emotional aspect can create a long lasting bond. The story reading should help to distract the scared of darkness after you leave the room.

There are numerous sorts of bedtime stories, even so the ideal ones are tales that moms and dads can read to their kids; a tale that grandmother and grandfather can share with their grandkids.

Doing a night time routine should help for your kids to stay in bed and also fall sound asleep faster. Bedtime Buddies are great of course at bedtime and also at other times during the day, like nap time or on long rides in the car.

Bedtime Buddies is your new stuffed animal that tells a bedtime story! Just squeeze for a fun bedtime story, rhyme or song! Make bedtime fun! With Bedtime Buddies kids stay in bed and fall asleep faster.

Stuffed Animal Tells Bedtime Story

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