Better Strainer A Flexible Kitchen Food Strainer

Better Strainer Fits on Any Size Pan or Bowl

The Better Strainer should fit all your pans, pots, skillets and bowls. The Better Strainer is perfect for straining pasta, draining fruits & vegetables and draining fats from your foods.

Marc Gill demonstrates on a television commercial just how easy it is to use this compact kitchen strainer. You just fit it on a pan, pot, skillet or bowl, then snap it in place and drain. The flexible fit design grabs on and locks tight. Perfect for straining grease & oils from meats and draining juice from fruits and veggies and of course for straining all types of pastas. 

The Better Strainer has a non-stick surface that won’t tear delicate foods like ravioli. It stores just about anywhere because of it’s compact unique design and it is dishwasher safe.

You are sure to love all the conveniences of this compact kitchen strainer. No need to use those other strainers that can be bulky and take up a lot of space in your cabinets.


With this special online offer you will get a large kitchen strainer and as an added bonus you will get a bonus spill stopper.

The As Seen On TV Better Strainer That Locks Tight for Secure Pouring and Straining

Better Strainer is the compact strainer that fits on any sized pot, pan, or bowl. The expandable strainer is designed to grab onto your container and aid with draining grease, hot cooking oils and water.

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