Big Boss Blender Set Exclusive Offer

Big Boss Blender

The big boss blender is a great small appliance for the kitchen. Make awesome margaritas, smoothies, protein shakes, coffee and so much more. Big Boss Blender is a very powerful, single-serve blender designed to create a never-ending menu of delicious meals and beverages.

This blender is so powerful it can turn ice into fluffy powder like snow. To control how fine the blender blends depends on how long you press down on the simple, easy-touch power blending system.

The Big Boss Blender can be all this:
Blender, Juicer, Coffee Grinder, Meat Grinder, Specialty Coffee Drink Maker, Hands-Free Cheese Grater, Chopper, Mixer, Frozen Dessert Maker, and Frozen Margarita Maker!

Create your own unique masterpieces.  A must have appliance for the kitchen.

The powerful Big Boss Blender helps you create a never ending menu of delicious dinners and drinks in little or no time. The 300W powered motor is so strong that one multi-purpose blade does it all.


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