Big Boss Insta Mop | Spin Mop with Dual Bucket

Big Boss Insta Spinning Mop

With the Insta Spin Mop and Dual Bucket by Big Boss you can easily get to hard reach and dust that ordinary mops can leave behind.

Big Boss Insta Mop

With the unique Big Boss Insta Mop, you can use the dual separate sides of the bucket to stop cleaning with dirty, gross water. The electro static energy also collects hair and dust. So the mop is also great when it is dry as well as wet. The mop head is machine washable so you can use it over and over again. The Big Boss Mop has a full 360 degree spinning head. It is perfect to get to those very tough to reach ares, like corners and other tight spaces. The spin mop lightweight so it is easy to move it around and store.

The Big Boss Insta Mop is super easy to use. Just clip, dip, spin and go. No more touching dirty mops anymore. The unique design bucket separates the clean water from the dirty water. No more washing and cleaning over and over with the same old dirty water. This dual bucket technology keeps your clean water clean and the dirty water separate.  The Insta Mop that spins is perfect for many types of floors including wood, tile, ceramic marble and more.

Cleaning your floors can be a chore especially when you don’t have the right tools. The Big Boss Spinning Insta Mop can make cleaning the floors much easier and even should do a better job than your old mop.

What are the great features of The Big Boss Insta Spin Mop? What you will probably like most is that clean water and dirty water gets separated. No more trying to clean the floors with dirty water from your bucket. The mop works great both wet and dry. Use it also as a dust mop to pick up hair and dust. Perfect if you have pets too!  Electro static energy collects pet hair. The mop head can spin around 360 degrees getting into the toughest places. The mop is stackable and lightweight. It has a drain plug which makes clean up much easier and the mop head is machine washable.

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