Bit 360 Screwdriver | 6 in 1 Magnetized Screwdriver Holds Bits

Bit 360 Cordless Screwdriver

BIT 360 is sure to be the only screwdriver you’ll ever need. This is because its chamber turns and holds six common screwdriver bits. It can also hold bits you currently own.

BIT 360 is simple to make use of. To change out a bit, twist to align the bit, and push to insert a brand-new bit. There is no more losing bits, because they are all kept in one area with BIT 360.

Bit 360 is the screwdriver that transforms bits rapidly and also conveniently with a spin! Just pull to eliminate the bit, spin to alter the bit, as well as push to pack a new bit.

BIT 360 Degree Screwdriver That Adjustments Bits Rapidly With A Basic Spin!

The Bit 360 screwdriver requires minimal effort on the part of the user. You may find that even in the most confined areas, it should drive the screw in safely without causing pain to your hand. Perfect for putting together furniture, hanging pictures, screwing in outlet covers and so much more.

Go from phillips screw bit to a flat screw bit in seconds. Has a magnetic tip so the screws will not fall off.

The remarkable as well as ideal screwdriver that transforms bits promptly and conveniently with just a basic spin. This incredible handyman’s device includes 6 of one of the most used screwdriver bits. You could also load bits you already have. Stop misplacing bits or losing them. They are made to last and also hold up against all sorts of wear & tear.

Bit360 Screwdriver

Quit looking everywhere, stop getting off ladders and jumping off step stools looking for the right screwdriver. With the BIT 360 screwdriver you should have all you need to get the job done. Simply slide, twist and lock to get the ideal sized bit for nearly any type of screw.

Bit 360 degree is a cordless screwdriver that alters lots of size bits rapidly as well as quickly with a simple twist of the hand! Just pull to change the bit, twist and also press to load a totally new bit. The only screwdriver you’ll ever require! Order this remarkable screwdriver today.

Buy The Bit 360 Screwdriver

Order the 360 Bit Screw Driver with 6 Bits 

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