Blankid Buddy Bedtime Blanket

Blankid Buddy

Blankid Buddy is a 4 in 1 blanket, pillow, backpack and plush stuffed animal friend. This is perfect for sleepovers, long road trips and picnics.

With three amazing animal characters to choose from, your child will have a lovable friend to take anywhere.

Blankid Buddy Blanket, Pillow Backpack & Stuffed Animal 

The blanked buddy has been seen on television on ABC and MNBC, also featured in USA Today!

Meet The New Blankid Buddies

Pailou The Panda
Makemba The Monkey
Lula The Ladybug

Pailou Panda is from Sichuan Province of China

Makemba Monkey is a Bonobo Ape from South of the Zaire River in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lula Ladybug is a Ladybird Beetle from Yosemite National Park, California

Simply remove the inner bag that holds the belongings, unzip the sides, and the backpack easily transforms into a very comfortable blanket and has a travel pillow. This is a must have travel item and is the ultimate companion for kids and a great space saver for parents.

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Blankid Buddies & Pillow Pets

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