Blood Type Workout with Resistance Ball and Foot Pump

Blood Type Workout – Lose Weight Fast

Blood Type Workout

Did you know the Blood Type Workout uses your body’s chemistry to naturally and healthily lose those unwanted pounds? You can slim your waistline and build long lean muscles with this 6 week blood type transformation program.

Work with your genetics to redefine your body, breakdown fat, and burn calories.

Dr. Joseph Christiano’s Blood Type Workout Kit Includes the 12 blood type workout DVDs , 1 hybrid blood type DVD, 72 page nutritional diet book,  the get started and animal yoga DVD, inflatable resistance ball and the foot pump. Also receive a workout calendar.

This can be your own unique DNA workout to lose weight.

The Blood Type Workout reprograms your metabolism to lose fat fast. There is no need to starve  yourself or spend time at the gym. You can get into great shape in just 6 weeks.

12 Blood Type Workout DVDs (3 each blood type)
1 Hybrid Blood Type DVD
Get Started and Animal Yoga DVD
Inflatable Resistance Ball & Foot Pump
Workout Calendar 72 page Nutritional Diet Book

Blood Type Workout

Dr. Joseph Christiano’ Blood Type Workout

Joseph Christiano, a naturopathic doctor, author of Blood Types, Body Types, and You, and co-creator of The Blood Type Workout.

Blood Type Workout reprograms your metabolism to lose weight.

So have YOU ever thought about customizing your workout to your DNA? Customizing a workout to the very essence of your genetic makeup?

The premise behind The Blood Type Workout which is a new fitness program that promotes fast and long-lasting results by following the workout plan and diet best suited for your own personal blood type. Most of us realize that the blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint. Did you realize there is a chemical reaction to your workouts and the food you eat, and your blood?

Dr. Joseph Christiano developed this DNA workout program that helps get you into shape!

Blood Type Workout






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