Bright Light Pillow Squeeze to Turn Pillows On

Bright Light Pillow – Pillow Lights Up

Bright Light Pillow is the pillow that lights up! Comes in two nice colors white or pink and 2 fun shapes. Just squeeze to turn on.


Bright Light Pillow Features:

The bright light pillows use Uses 3 AA batteries that lasts for hundreds of hours.
LED lights are guaranteed not to burn out & they emit no heat

The light colors change to red, blue, white, green & yellow automatically
The Bright Light Pillows are comfy & bright and would make for a great gift.

The Bright Light Pillow can give comfort to a young child afraid to sleep in the dark or if they have a scary dream.

Bright Light Pillow Lights Up and Changes Colors!

Starlight square pillow lights automatically change between 5 awesome glowing colors. The pink beating heart glows red. Kids will love these pillows for sleep overs, playtime forts and so much more. They work for hundreds of hours and the led lights are guaranteed not to burn out or emit heat.

The pillows colors can change to red, blue, white, green and yellow automatically.

Nap Time Pillow. Kids, teenagers and adults will love the Bright Light Pillow. Great for sleep overs, long car rides, napping and when the power goes out.

White Starlight Square
White Beating Heart

Pink Starlight Square
Pink Beating Heart


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