Callous Clear for Rough Dry Feet Callus Remover

Callous Clear Helps You To Get Spa Perfect Feet In Your Own Home

Callus Clear softens and lifts callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin on your feet. Do you get embarrassed by the ugly calluses on your feet?  Get the miracle callus removing system that acts as a professional foot treatment, without the expensive salon prices.

Callous Clear As Seen On TV

With just one application of Callous Clear you will noticed right away that your feet are softer and smoother. Don’t be embarrassed by your feet anymore. Wear those favorite pair of sandals that you love and proudly show off your smooth looking feet.

  • Callous Clear Softens and lifts callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin on your feet
  • Greatly more affordable than professional spa treatments and just as effective
  • Quick and easy it works in just minutes!

You will get 2 tubes of softner gel your feet
2 Tubes of foot balm
8 Self sticking callous removal patches
2 Finishing scrapers / files

Your feet will thank you for using Callous Clear another great product by Telebrands. The amazing gel formula softens callouses to the point where they almost melt away and after just one application, your feet will be BABY SOFT.

Callous Clear is the as seen on tv callus removal system.

Callous Clear is the newest and fastest method to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with no mess! Just use the Callous Clear callous softening lotion to the special callous extraction spot, place the self-sticking area on the calloused region and relax as it softens and hydrates your feet. Callous Clear penetrates in to the hard, calloused regions, softening and lifting to ensure that, in just moments, the calluses peel away with ease! Then, simply file a smooth, soft surface and apply the relaxing Callous Clear heel balm. After merely one application, your feet will be baby soft.

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