Car Valet Seat Wedge Double Cup Holder

Car Valet Double Wedge Cup Holder

Car Valet has to be the perfect means to store your devices in addition to added cups in your car.

Car Valet Storage

The Car Valet installs easily in between your console and car seat. It features 2 extra cup holders and more storage space for cell phones and also accessories. The holder immediately provides you added space. Car Valet creates additional room and also does not interfere with your seat space.

So why is the Car Valet so excellent? Easily places in between your console and seat. Produces a lot more storage room for your things and more drink mugs. You have the ability to add two additional drinks. Holds those to-go cups, cans of soft drinks, cellphones, digital devices in addition to even more. Keep your car clean in addition to organized.

Car Valet nicely loads the area in between your seat and car’s console. It is additionally wonderful from protecting against lost items from getting shed.

If you have more than 2 individuals in the car with drinks and also smart phones Car Valet is the response. It provides every person a secure and safe place to keep their beverages. Plus, Car Valet is mobile, so it take it with you from car to car. Should fit nicely in virtually any car, minivan, truck or SUV.

The seat wedge cup holder sits in between the void of your seat as well as has the capability to delay to 2 drinks as well as a storage space area for diverse items.

Have you every had a beverage when you are out and go to put it in your car’s cup holder and discover that both cup holders are currently filled up. I am sure this has actually taken place many times in the past. With today’s technology it seems like we all have many devices and also accessories we take with us when we go out. The Car Valet makes it so you could store more and still have your crucial things close by.

Car Valet is the perfect means to store your extra mugs and devices! Offers you 2 extra cup holders in addition to storage! Car Valet fits comfortably in between your seat as well as console. Developed for extra space and to help you be more organize in your vehicle.

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