Chalean Extreme Circuit Training

Chalean Extreme 15 Workouts
Chalean Extreme Workout

Chalean Extreme Circuit Training is taught by Chalene Johnson she teaches you the proper form and technique for the resistance moves you’ll be doing in the program, whether you’re using weights or bands.

You start lifting weights to jump-start your metabolism and break down those”extra” reserves of fat. In these moderate training workouts, you’ll work your upper body then lower body, and learn how”Lean Phasing” will help you see major results every 30 days!

Chalene shows you how to lift heavy—beyond your comfort zone—so you build the muscle you need to burn fat. Chalene makes it easier than it sounds with incredibly fast results.

Here is where you really bring it home with new routines and dynamic moves that literally melt the fat off your body. You will be blown away with jaw-dropping results and rewarded with a brand-new body!

ChaLEAN Extreme Beachbody Workout by Chalene Johnson.

During each phase, Chalene ignites your metabolism with super-intense cardio and strength-training routines, and then rejuvenates and lengthens your hard-working muscles with an invigorating flexibility workout.

Shrink, tighten, and tone your tummy with two targeted ab routines for a rock-hard midsection!

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