Check out these popular "As Seen On TV" toys kids are sure to love. Some hot products are blanked buddies, happy nappers, hooked on phonics and bake pops.

Shower Wow Led Rainbow Replacement Showerhead

Click here to Order the Shower Wow and Get a Twinkle Tub Light as a Bonus

The Shower Wow replacement shower head has seven vibrant, colors that fade and is great fun for all ages. Shower Wow is easy and very simple to install, and it should fit on just about any shower head. There are no need for a power source or batteries. The seven amazing LED colors will transition automatically by themselves creating a shower experience that is very relaxing every time.

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Hamper Hoops Wham-O Basketball Hoop Hamper

Hamper Hoops provides hours of fun with the long lasting as well as removable basketball hoop that doubles as a hamper. Just put up the hamper on any kind of door, after that slam dunk your laundry till the basket gets full. Hamper Hoops is fantastic for everybody, as well as restores the fun in doing washing.

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Magic Pens | Amazing Color Changing Magical Pens

With Magic Pens you can do it all. You can make modifications as well as erase color, supply fantastic enhancements and also outlining, and even produce 3 Dimensional fine artwork, and also create secret hidden messages.

These outstanding Magic Pens from Wham-O come in a set of different color changing pens and a set of super cool pens that erase, 2 magical white pens and fun stencils.

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Bright Time Buddies Night Light Friends for Kids

Order Bright Time Buddies™ – The Night Light Animals that Glow – Kids are sure to love! – Click Here!

Bright Time Buddies provides the right amount of relaxing multicolored light, making night time reading and bedtime more fun. Makes for the perfect kids night light. The colors are a soft radiance so kids could sleep with reassuring light, turning in between blue, yellow, and green. Bright Time Buddies have a soft comfy body for squeezable enjoyable fun. Your kids can take them anywhere they go.

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Color Burst Battle Balloons Fill and Tie 40 Color Filled Balloons At Once

Check Out Color Burst Battle Balloons. It is like paintball with balloons!

Color Burst Battle Balloons is a brand-new method to fill up and then tie and seal water balloons. Making water balloons is now so very simple with this easy to fill Balloon System.

The New Way To Easily Fill & Seal Water Balloons In Just Seconds. Make lots of water balloons extremely quick! When, the magic is in the rapid cylinder system that fills up 40 balloons at once! As they glide down the aqua-sealing technology ties them tight, so they’re prepared right away for air travel.

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Wow Cup Spill Proof Kids Drink Cup

Get The Wow Cup That is Spill Free
The Wow Cup uses an auto sealing technology that allows liquid to flow only when you drink. It is virtually indestructible. No more messy cleanups.

Parents and kids are both sure to love the new Wow Cup. It’s unique design makes it spill free.

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GoGo Pillow Travel Pillow, Tablet Table and Backpack

Buy the GoGo Pillow for Only $19.95 and Get a Second One Free!
The As Seen on TV GoGo Pillow is the 3-in-1 pillow that lets you comfortably use your tablet and other mobile devices anywhere! It can also be used as a backpack and travel pillow. It’s a table, backpack and pillow all in one!

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Guitar Made Easy Learn to Play the Guitar with Ralph Paul

Ralph Paul’s Guitar Made Easy system is the fast and easy way to learn to play the guitar in minutes. Learn from guitar legend Ralph Paul who is recognized as one of Americas best guitar players!

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Flashlight Friends Plush Stuffed Animal and Flashlight

Flashlight Friends Stuffed Animals Light Lasts for Hundred of Hours!
Flashlight Friends are soft stuffed animals and flashlight all in one for children! Each soft pet Flashlight Friend has an installed tap flashlight. Perfect for sleepovers, storytime, riding in the car and much more! Flashlight Friends are soft stuffed animals and flashlight all in one for children! Each soft pet Flashlight Friend has an installed tap flashlight. Perfect for sleepovers, storytime, riding in the car and much more!

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Tummy Stuffers Plush Storage Organizer for Kids

Tummy Stuffers is the fun way for your kids to put their stuff away. They can stuff their belongings inside the monkey, ladybug, dog, unicorn, gator, and kitty. The Tummy Stuffer is also perfect for nap time and bedtime. Your child can have their pillow, blanket and story time book stores inside their plush pal.

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