ChipTastic Microwave Potato Chip Maker by Ronco

Chiptastic – The guilt free microwave potato chip maker.

chiptastic potato chip maker

Chip-Tastic is The Guilt-Free Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Are you tired of trying to find a healthy and balanced brand-new way to snack, but do not want to lose on taste? Chip-Tastic is the impressive microwave potato chip maker that allows you make all the salty, mouth watering flavored chips in your microwave.  Make chips without including the unnecessary fat. Start snaking the healthier way, today.

Potato chips with less fat yet much more flavor. Taste the chips to create your own special sampling chip. No greasy frying and no chemicals and merely about 3 calories each chip, a great deal much less compared to the typical chip of THIRTEEN fats.

Make chips is quick & simple– just 3 minutes in the microwave!
A healthier and chemical free potato chip. willnot need to add fats and their is not greasy frying pan you will be using. do you get in this excellent offer for Chip-Tastic?

2 Chip-Tastic chip producers
2 FREE Chip-Tastic dish books
2 FREE Slice-O-Matics
2 FREE Chip-Tastic seasoning kits
You can add flavoring using your own preferred seasonings!
You manage the ingredients— great for those on restricted low salt or gluten complimentary diet plans!

Chips are an excellent snack food and as a side with sandwiches. At your next family, event make your own chips and impress your company. Get creative with the convenient recipe guide that comes with the offer.

Chiptastic is the impressive microwave potato chip maker that lets you take pleasure in all of the salty, tasty flavor without including the unneeded fat. Potato chips with much less fat yet more flavor. Flavor the chips to develop your own special tasting chip. No greasy frying and no preservatives and merely about 3 calories every chip, a whole lot less compared to the average chip of 13 calories.


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