Clever Grip Spring Loaded Vent Clamp Holds Smart Phone

Clever Grip Smart Phone Super Strong Clip

Clever Grip is an awesome smart phone clip that has a super strong grip that holds your phone in place. You just simply clip it to one of your car vents.

Stop fumbling and dropping your smart phone while driving in your car. Get the Clever Grip for your car and keep your phone in view. It has a adjustable pivoting head that allows you to easily and safely use your cellphone’s GPS or streaming music, and talk without having to take your eyes off the road. Clever Grip is completely adjustable to fit just about almost any phone size. It easily fits to just about any style air vent for a super strong grip.

The Clever Grip is great for hands free calling, driving with your phones GPS app close by, streaming music and even for back seat riders watching videos. The awesome new smart cellular phone clip with a super strong grip.

There are holders specially designed to hold your drinks, but most cars do not have something to hold your smartphones that is practical and functional at the same time. Well now there is! The Clever Grip is the perfect solution to hold your phone firmly in place and at the same time keep it within eyes view. This unique phone gadget securely affixes to any type of auto vent. It works well with most phones and smaller tables like the apple iphone, iphone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, and also other Window phones.

Clever Grip As Seen On TV

Use your smart phone as a GPS while you are driving. Most phones have the capability of having a GPS app. Make following directions easier while having the cell phone clipped to a vent that is close by for an easy view. Easily stream your music and enjoy hands free calling.

What are some of the great features of the Clever Grip? It has a 360 degree pivoting head. The grip is small and lightweight. Get an instant stand anywhere. Fits most phone sizes. The spring load clamp is super strong and can even hold a brick! Works with Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Galaxy and more.

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