Crank Chop Pull Cord Food Chopper

Crank Chop Food Chopper

Crank Chop the food chopper minces and mixes in merely seconds. Get rid of your bulky, awkward mixer, and get back to the basics by using the Crank Chop.

Crank Chop As Seen On TV

The chopper is made from sturdy, durable construction, and also includes a non-slip base as well as clean up is easy because the food chopper is dishwasher safe. Crank Chop permits you to prep all your preferred foods, in merely seconds, without the loud noise of an ordinary mixer.

The more you crank, the finer your food will get. All you need to do is to secure the Crank Chop blades inside the product, placed in the types of food that you wish to chop, shut the cover then pull on the cord. Pulling on the Crank Chop’s cord makes the razor blades rotate, cutting up the food inside. This is an outstanding kitchen tool that assists making food preparation much easier. Chop numerous types of food in secs.

Vince Offer Crank Chop

Crank Chop is endorsed by Vince Offer likewise renowned for the Slap Chop and ShamWow. Besides being able to cut efficiently many types of food, what’s excellent regarding the Crank Chop is that the number of pulls that you make on the cable influences exactly how high the food is sliced so if you want finer as well as smaller cuts or bigger pieces.

This pull cord food chopper can be a fantastic substitute for those hefty and large food processors that can be very costly. You will also love the fact it is very easy to clean and to store. Get rid of those heavy, bulky and expensive food processors. Plus it is just fun chopping your foods this way. This chopper is sure to become a favorite among your kitchen tools.

Think about how easy it will be to prep foods for some of your favorite recipes like omelets, salsa, all kinds of salads and beautiful desserts. So just how easy is this food chopper? You only drop the foods you want to be chopped or pureed in the bowl, then pull the cord. Yes, I said pull the razor sharp cord. Each crank is like 24 knives cutting your foods. Enjoy the taste of your freshly chopped results.

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