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Cuddle Uppets

Hey what do you get when you cross a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet? Here is the answer you get a Cuddleuppet. A Cuddle-Uppet is a cuddly blanket and a very cute puppet all in one.

Blankets that are puppets what a unique and fun idea. They cuddle and hug and wrap you in love. They play with you all day and sleep the night away. Just cuddle play and love. Cuddleuppets are your two most favorite things rolled into one.

Cuddle Uppets – A cross between a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet. Your kids will love to cuddle, hug, play. They will love these warm and fuzzy friends. Play all day and sleep the night away.

It’s a blanket that cuddles and a puppet that plays. It’s a warm and fuzzy friend at night and run and jump and giggle all day buddy. Read a funny story with fuzzy bear, teacher crocodile to crawl and feast, and after a long day hit the hay with you purple monkey. Dancing and wiggling for a cuddle puppet show your whole family will love.


Cuddleuppets are great travel companions when you going for a ride and a friendly pal to bring on a sleep over. Then when you are ready to say good night the Elephant Cuddle-Uppet never forgets to hug you tight. The fun never ends with cuddle up friends you say good night and they hold you tight and keep you nice and warm. Pick brown bear, pink poodle, yellow puppy, purple monkey, blue elephant, or green crocodile. The fun never ends with cuddle up friend’s. Cuddle cuddle uppets, cuddle cuddle uppets, blankets that are puppets.

Choose From 6 Cuddly Friends
Brown Bear
Pink Poodle
Yellow Puppy
Purple Monkey
Blue Elephant
Green Crocodile

The fun never ends with cuddle up friends!




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