Curl-A- Dog Make Spiral Gourmet Hot Dogs

For Gourmet Tasting Hot Dogs you need the Curl-A-Dog!

Curl-A-Dog wieners are far better tasting hot dogs every time and they are ideal for dinners, BBQ, tailgating, and also a lot more. Curl-A-Dog hot dogs will leave your mouth salivating. The taste pockets hold dressings for optimum flavor and also the curly edges char for even more grilled taste, creating the excellent frankfurter. Curl-A-Dog hot dogs is a very simple way to make cool looking spiral designed hot dogs.

What makes Curl A Dog a must buy?
They have taste pockets that hold condiments for optimum flavor. The  curly sides char for a more barbecued taste. Frankfurters can be cooked through and through. A fun easy way to make cool looking spiral hot dogs and of course easy to clean can go right in the dish washer!

Hot dogs are easy to cook. The wieners can be barbecued, boiled,  steamed, deep-fried, baked, broiled, or even microwaved. Hot dogs are usually offer in a bun and topped with various condiments. They can also be added to a recipe, like spaghetti.

Curladog Gourmet Tasting Hot Dogs

Get a much better tasting frankfurter each time. Perfect for family members dinners, tailgating, birthday party events, barbecuing and even more. Hot dogs are known as America’s past time along with baseball and apple pie.

Billions of wieners are consumed each year. You will find them at many events, sports events as well as family celebrations across the country. There are numerous frankfurter recipes online to motivate your imagination if you are trying to find something different from the traditional frankfurter, this is where the curl-a-dog is available in helpful. So for your next event at your home impressed your guests with curly hotdogs. Your guests are sure to me amazed by the tastiest dogs they have ever had.

The Curladog is quite easy to use. You just place the frankfurter inside a Curl-A-Dog, push down to close the lid. Next insert the skewer, then raise skewer as well as remove hot dog from the skewer, lastly boil, bake, grill or cook the way you desire. Create your own one-of-a-kind gourmet hotdogs. Attempt different toppings each time you prepare a dog.

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