Cutting Edge Grass Seed Requires Less Watering and Mowing

Cutting Edge Grass Seed As Seen On TV

Cutting Edge is a high quality low maintenance grass seed that needs less watering and mowing. Grow a beautiful thicker and fuller lawn faster.

Grassology – Low Maintenance Grass Seed

Grassology Grass Seed

Introducing the greatest innovation for lawn care in our history! Cutting Edge is high quality, very low maintenance lawn care solution. No need to constantly mow or water to keep your grass looking beautiful. It is your ticket to a all in one lawn solution. Spend less time on your lawn and more time enjoying it with family and friends.

The Cutting Edge grass seed helps you to achieve thicker and fuller grass much faster than most other grass seeds.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed has been engineered as the all-in-one grass seed solution to grow  more vibrant grass, much faster with thicker and fuller results.

This grass seed is perfect to help fix pet stains faster. Works great in shaded areas and perfect for those the most troublesome spots in your yard!

So what are some of the best benefits of this grass seed?

Shade Tolerant
Drought Tolerant
Weed Resistant
Disease Resistant
Insect Resistant

What makes this grass seed so special is in the roots. Traditional lawns grow roots  requiring constant watering and only 4 inches down. However, The Cutting Edge Grass Seed grows downward up to full 48 inches which finds the water deep under the ground, so you don’t need to water as much and it stays beautiful much longer we a lot less work! And as Cutting Edge grass grows down, it only grows upward to a a very short height and this reduces mowing time! What more could you ask for in a grass seed! It’s the grass seed of the future!

Cutting Edge no longer available,

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