DrainWig Catches Hair Prevents Clogs in the Shower and Bathtub

DrainWig Catches Hair and Prevents Clogs

Never clean a drain that is clogged again.

As Seen On TV Drain Wig

DrainWig captures hair as well as avoids clogs. Works in an easy to utilize, stainless steel chain and also rubber whiskers you put right into your drain. Leave for 2-4 months and it eliminates hair and also particles quickly via the drain cover.

Cleaning your drains can be disgusting and very gross. Don’t fear the Drain Wig is here; No need to use harmful chemicals that can ruin your pipe. This hair catcher is the perfect solution to keep your drains unclogged.

Drain-Wig Hair Catcher

Clogged drains are a nightmare. They can create a lot of pain and also aggravation otherwise if not unblocked right away. As an example, if left unattended for some time, obstructed drains can create flooding as well as generate nasty smells as well as odors.

The indoor plumbing system is an excellent benefit but could likewise bring some issues. When the plumbing system in your bathroom room clogs it can be a genuine problem. The Drain Wig assists to avoid such problems. However advanced your plumbing system is it can get clogged. Occasionally triggering overflowing of water as well as if left too lengthy producing terrible smells. Stop this from being a problem in your home by utilizing the Drainwig.

With this exclusive online offer, you can choose from 4 Shoer Drainwig Hair Catchers, 4 Bathtub Drainwig Hair Catches or a Combo Pack, consisting of 2 Shower and 2 Bathtub Drainwig Hair Catchers.

Drain Wig is universal and also should fit most bathtub and also shower drains. Enough very easy to use as well as low maintenance. It is sanitary and also is a good idea to replace every two to 4 months. Made from an entirely disposable style allows you to get rid of hair without touching it! Avoid significant problems of clogged obstructed drains as well as saves you money. No need for those expensive plumbing professional calls!

Buy Drain Wig

Order Either 4 Shower Drain-Wig Hair Catchers, 4 Bathtub DrainWig Hair Catchers or 2 Shower and 2 Bathtub DrainWig Hair Catchers


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