Dura Wallet Paper Thin RFID Wallet Slims and Expands

Dura Wallet Paper Thin

The Dura Wallet is paper thin but extremly tough. When you order today you will undergo 1 black and 1 brown Dura Wallet. RFID blocking technology built in.

Dura Wallet

DuraWallet is made from a single folded slab of Tyvek which coincides product used in industrial product packaging and delivery permitting you to hold a couple of dollars for a slimmer feel or increase to hold whatever you need, it’s that simple! The Dura Wallet is created to give you that lightweight feel however still fulfill all your necessities by broadening whenever necessary!

Great Features of The DuraWallet:
The wallet is Eco-friendly.
It is made from light-weight Tyvek.
It won’t tear.
Is stain and spray immune.
Extremely slim.
The Dura Wallet makes for a great gift.

dura wallet thin and strong wallet

Did you know the Dura Wallet is slim, yet it expands to hold just about anything you need. It has two inside pockets which can easily hold 20 or more bills. It also has two additional credit card pockets which expand to hold 16 or more cards!

Your look for a thinner wallet is over. This light-weight wallet is not bulky and matches must fit nicely in your wallet.

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