Easy Reach Pulley System for Hanging Plants

Easy Reach

Easy Reach is the ultimate pulley system for plants and it extends up to 31 inches. Hanging plants and flowers makes your home feel so welcoming. EasyReach lets you lower and raise plants with easy. This plant pulley is great for hanging plants.

Easy Reach plant pulley is great because it clips on to any hook and accommodates pretty much any standard basket hanger.

Getting to that hanging plant once required a step stool or a friendly boost,  no longer! Now you can use the easy reach to get to that plant with ease.

Easy Reach seen on tv is the ultimate plant pulley, and lit makes maneuvering you’re hanging plants a breeze.

You can get instant access to your plants. The task of watering your hanging plants can be done in a snap. Use on just about any size plant.
A great opportunity for the cook to be able to having fresh herbs hanging right in the kitchen. This pulley system will be loved by chefs, gardeners and all.

These pulleys are just right for hanging plants in any part of the home or outside on the patio. Also great for hanging bird feeders, outdoor decorations and more.

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