Easy View XT Sun and Glare Visor

Easy View XT Helps Stop the Blinding Sun and Dangerous Glare When Driving

Easy View XT

The glare-blocking tinted clear acrylic sun visor for your car. This is a great sun visor for the car.

The Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate attachment that is specially tinted to diffuse sunlight and glare. It installs easily to a car visor. It can effectively and safely reduce headlight glare at night. Enjoy the confidence and comfort that Easy View XT can add to your driving experience.

What are the benefits and features of the Easy View XT?
The clear polycarbonate is specially tinted to diffuse the glare and sunlight rays. There are no tools needed to install. It is quick and easy to install. It flips up for storage and fits on any car visor. Effectively and safely reduces headlight glare at night

The Easy View Visor XT is perfect for early in the morning , late in the afternoon, and at night! It fits conveniently on all vehicle visors.

How many times have you been driving at night and you have a hard time seeing because of on coming cars? The glare from their headlights can be tough on your sight.

Easy View XT Flip Visor

We all know glare and blinding sun can make driving difficult and even dangerous. The Easy View HD is an amazing flip down sun visor that attaches to and extends your car visor. It is tinted and transparent so that you can see the road without the glare of sunlight. 

Well no need to worry about this again if you install The Easy View XT onto your visor, You just simply slide it on your existing car visor with the plastic clips. Enjoy the comfort and confidence of seeing clearly through out the day and night.

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