Edge of Glory Best Knife Sharpener – Dull Knives Sharpening

Edge of Glory Anthony Sullivan Knife Sharpener

The Edge of Glory has many fantastic features that include tungsten carbide teeth to sharpen your knives extra sharp. You can get absolutely perfect slices each and every time. Comes with a super suction that locks to virtually almost any surface.

Put the sharp back into your old knives with the knife sharpener.

Draw your knife across the Edge of Glory sharpener. Bring any dull knife back to life.

According to the infomercial with Anthony Sullivan it is the best knife sharpener money can buy! It is one of the safest easiest ways to sharpen knives. The Edge of Glory knife sharpener  is one of the best knife sharpeners and works on all types of knives including, paring, chef, filet, and even peeling knives.

After sharpening your knife you can slice through a pineapple with ease. Get a razor sharp edge on your knives. It is important to keep your knives sharp. Chefs will tell you a dull knife can cause accidents.

Just about all kitchen and sports knives whether they are inexpensive or professional grade knives need sharpening. The Edge of Glory Sharpener can handle this for you easily.


Knife Sharpeners

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