Eggies System – Egg Cooker Hard Boiled Eggs No Shells

Eggies Egg System


ith the eggies system enjoy hard boiled eggs without the fuss or mess. You can enjoy hard boiled eggs without peeling a single shell. Cook hard boiled eggs without the shells.  Cook soft boiled eggs with the shells.

Making egg salad just got easier. Just crack, cook and twist with the eggies system.

Eggies are very convenient, making them perfect for busy people, working people, moms, babysitters and more. Eggies cook your egg like a actual shelled egg, & the non stick interior helps the egg to slide out when they are done cooking.

Make cooking eggs easier. Just crack and pour, boil the eggs, then twist open and perfect eggs every time. Imagine how much easier it will be to eat hard boiled eggs, because there will be no peeling. Enjoy more of the egg. You can even add other ingredients before you boil. Add spices, salt, pepper, milk, cheese, mushrooms, onions, cheese, ham and other foods. Think of the endless possibilities you have boiling eggs.

Cook delicious eggs and make egg salad, add to a garden salad, chef salad, caesar salad, make hard boiled and soft boiled eggs, make deviled eggs…

It’s that time of year for barbecues. What goes great with grilled food as a side dish. You guess it, potato salad. You will save time using the eggie molds. No shells to peel, plus you will get more of the egg for your salad.

Since the Eggies molds cooking design cooks the egg flat on the bottom it is now simpler than ever to decorate & eat. Enjoy Deviled Eggs without peeling a single shell. Prepare scrumptious egg salad sandwiches, or basically slice eggs to add to your favourite salads.

You can enjoy boiled eggs without the fuss of peeling eggs. No messy broken shells to clean up. Cook hard boiled eggs without the shells.




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  1. Diane Diel says:

    How can I order this on line? All this web site lets me do is watch the video, which I can’t even get full screen.

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