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Use the eggstractor to make many delicious dishes. Deviled eggs have never been so easy to make with the eggstractor. The hardest part about making deviled eggs is peeling the eggs. Not anymore with the eggstractor. Making egg salad is also easier.

The amazing Eggstractor peels eggs for you perfectly each time. 

Cooking hard boiled eggs is easy. The best way I found is you put the eggs in a pan of water and bring to a boil. Once the water comes to a boil remove pan from the heat and cover. Let sit for 10 to 14 minutes. Then use the eggstractor to peel. You will love cooking and peeling eggs this way?

So how do you use the Eggastractor? It’s so simple to use. First you just tap the top of the egg. Then place the egg vertically over the uniquely designed eggstracting hole. Now for the fun part. Cover the egg with the peeling billow.


Eggstractor As Seen On TV

Eggstractor is the easy solution to peeling off difficult hard boiled eggs swiftly and also efficiently. Are you tired of taking up your time trying to peel a hard boiled egg without destroying it? Eggstractor peels eggs 10x faster compared to by hand as well as doesn’t leave a clutter. Eggstractor makes adding protein to your foods fast and straightforward.

You could peels eggs around 10 times faster than if you peeled eggs by hand. It is enjoyable and also easy to use and also youngsters can use it too! No large clutter to clean up. It conserves a fair bit of time when utilizing to make a few of your favored dishes and treats.

It’s merely a white plastic stand, with a sort of plunger like tool that you place over the top of the egg. There is a tiny chamber of air called the air cell at the top of most eggs. Inside the Eggstractor, stress forces air from the air cell as well as induces the shell to separate from the egg. The egg just pops out, and is also perfectly peeled.

Boiled eggs have actually been a staple in most homes all over the world for decades. Not just are eggs a healthy and balanced food choice they are normally economical! If you have actually been hunting for a few great recipes for hard boiled eggs, you are sure to find many recipes that use hard boiled eggs, including potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad and more.

Eggstractor peels off prepared hard boiled eggs in seconds! Peel eggs fast without the clutter. Eggstractor is easy to use. Buy now and also recieve a bonus microwave egg oven today!

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