The New Elevated Urban Rebounder

The New Elevated Urban Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar


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Rebounding is a #1 cardio workout in the country that is actually easier on your joints. You can lose weight, feel better and firm up your body. Over 1 million rebounders have been sold.

The Elevated Urban Rebounder gives you an fun, efficient and effective way to get fit and enjoy it at the same time. The Urban Rebounder 1/4 Fold Elevated Rebounder includes both an elevated and flat position option. The Rebounder DVD workouts offer non-impact metabolic training that’s easier on your body and joints than traditional workouts.

The 3 Workout Mega-DVD will help you achieve optimum results with much less stress on your body. The stabilizing bar on the Urban Rebounder 1/4 Fold Elevated Rebounder helps to give you security and is removable to suit your workout needs as you become more stable.

Start Rebounding today and get a great cardio workout all in the comfort of your home!

So rebounding can be very efficient, effective and also easy on the body. It is a fun exercise that helps you to get fit while having a great time. You can workout on the rebounder trampoline while it is flat or elevated. Avoid pressure on your joints because this type of workout offers nonimpact metabolic training.
Especially for beginners the fitness trampoline comes with a stabilizer bar for added support. The whole fitness system from JB Berns is designed to help you achieve optimum results.

Get a great jump on your fitness routine with the Urban Rebounder Elevated Workout System. This unique system by JB Berns provides non-impact metabolic training and can be used in a flat or elevated position. You can simultaneously work all major muscle groups while building strength, stamina and balance.

About Urban Group Exercise and JB Berns
Fitness Magazine called JB Berns one of America’s Top Personal Trainers who created Urban Group which purpose is to bring efficient exercise and health awareness to homes nationwide. The Urban Company creates and develops fitness programs for the group fitness and home fitness markets.

Have fun workout on this mini trampoline and lose weight and get in shape!

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