Empress Paulownia Royal Fast Growing Tree Spring Special

Empress Royal Tree

The World’s Fastest Growing Empress Royal Tree! This Tree can Grow in any just about any climate and should add lots of beauty and privacy.

The Empress Royal Tree has been know as the world’s fasting growing tree. It grows up to 12 feet or more the first year.

The Empress Royal Tree

Check out these great features of the Royal Paulownia Tree

It smells of gardenia & jasmine
The tree grows in almost any climate
It lives to a ripe old age
The empress tree tolerates drought
And it adds yard privacy and shade

Decide on the perfect place to plant your tree with full or partial sunlight and with moist or well drained soil. Dig the hole so it is shallower compared to the root ball and a minimum of twice the width. Loosen the dirt in the planting gap so the roots can effortlessly break through. Drag the point of a shovel along the edges and bottom of the hole. Your Royal Empress Trees can be planted whenever of year!

The empress royal tree can grow up to 1 inch ever few days! Amazingly fast growing tree!

Another bonus is the empress tree is easy to plant!
1) Dig the hole
2) Place the tree
3) Backfill the hole

The Empress Royal Paulownia Tree has huge leaves that act as giant air filters, pulling pollution out of the air at a fast speed. Turning it in to wood, then releasing high amounts of beneficial oxygen.

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Empress Royal Trees

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