EZ Moves Furniture Lift and Sliders

EZ Moves Furniture Lifter and Sliders

The ez moves system makes it much easier to move heavy furniture and appliances.

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EZ move sliders work on hardwood, carpet and smooth flooring. No more breaking and straining your back when moving a couch, wash machine or other heavy home products. Just lift and slide.

Why hire furniture movers when you can do it yourself?

EZ Moves helps make moving furniture easier! EZ Moves gives you up to 10x your own natural strength. You just lift, place and move furniture across just about any smooth floor surface.

Features and Benefits of EZ Moves AS Seen On TV Moving SYstem:

Lift 10 times your strength
Glide across just about any smooth surface
Great ergonomic design
Adjust and level your appliances
Won’t damage your furniture
Move up to 2,600 pounds

The EZ Moves furniture lifter gives you up to 10x your natural strength. The rubber tip protects your furniture and the ergonomic design saves your back.

The EZMoves slide right into place so your furniture simply glides across any surface. Then slide right out when you’re done.

Imaging moving a couch or refrigerator appliance all by yourself? Sometimes when you have home projects you have to wait until you have someone available to help you to move heavy items. No longer when you have  the ezmove system. Seriously move heavy items all by yourself. Get your task done much quicker. You will be amazed as you move that heavy item across the room with ease.

Think about all you can do with this moving system. Clean in all those dark, hard to reach hidden places. Rearrange furniture in rooms for a new look and design.

2 EZ Moves Furniture Lifters
8 EZ Moves Slides for Hardwood and Smooth SUrfaces
8 EZ Moves Slides for Carpet

So simply and easy to clean hidden spaces, rearranging rooms, adjusting appliances


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