Fix It Scratch Remover Repairs Scratches Like Magic

Fix It Pro Pen – Simoniz

Simoniz Scratch Removal Kit

Fix It Scratch Remover for car & home.

Fix It Pro

Simoniz Fix It!  Scratch Remover quickly repairs scratches, nicks and swirls on your car or truck. Microscopic polishing agents penetrate deeply to return paint to its original shine. Just apply to damaged area, rub in with the power buffer (2 AA batteries included) and wipe away. Safe to use on any color.

Fix It Kit

Fix It Removes Scratches and Nicks
The Scratch Has Met Its Match
Repair Scratches Like Magic
Dads Love Simoniz Fix It!
Say Goodbye to Expensive Scratch Repairs

Fix It Scratch Remover is safe to use on any color car to quickly and easily repair scratches and nicks. The secret behind the magic of Fix It is its fast action formula with millions of microscopic polishing agents, which penetrate the scratch and restore the paint of your car to its original shine. Just apply Fix It to the scratch, use the Power Buffer to rub Fix It deep into the surface of the scratch and then wipe it away. With Fix It, the scratch has met its match!

Are you frustrated with all the scratches, nicks, and dings on your car? Then you need Fix It! Fix It is the scratch remover that gets rid of scratches on your car like magic! Fix It is made up of millions of microscopic polishing agents that penetrate and fill the scratch restoring your car’s original paint and shine!

Fix it:”It repairs scratches and swirl marks like magic.” -Billy Mays


Fix It Infomercial


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