Flex Seal Leak Stopper The Amazing Liquid Rubber Sealer

Flex Seal Clear As Seen On TV

flex seal clear as seen on tv

Flex Seal now comes in a new clear version, making it perfect for most sealing projects. Flex Seal Clear is a watertight, flexible rubberized coating sealer!


Flex Seal Clear can be used on for many home improvement projects. Use it to fix leaky gutters and roofs. Repair a broken pipe and fill in cracks in your window sills. Repair broken fountains, skylights and other products.

Flex Seal Clear produces a clear, watertight, rubberized seal. It is a liquid rubber bonding solution in a can. Simply spray on to coat, seal and stop leaks almost instantaneously. A quick fix for rain gutters, roofing systems, pipelines, skylights and so much more. Flex Seal Clear dries to the touch in a matter of minutes to a versatile, water-resistant coating. Better yet let it entirely dry over night, and you can also paint right over it. It’s made to last for many years without fracturing, peeling or shedding any of its durability or sealer residential properties. The liquid rubber in an aerosol spray can.

Flex Seal comes in Original, Brite, and now the new version Clear.

Spray out a liquid that will seep into holes and cracks, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! The liquid sealer seals out water and can last for years! Once dry, Flex Seal, Flex Seal Brite, and Flex Seal Clear can be painted any color!

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New Super Thick Flex Seal Liquid

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