Flex Seal Liquid | Super Thick Liquid Rubber in a Can

Flex Seal Liquid Super Thick Sealer

Flex Seal Liquid is the all new super thick liquid rubber in a can that comes in a liquid form. It works well for sealing out air, moisture and water.

New Flex Seal Liquid

This sealer is very easy to use. You can just easily roll, dip, brush or pour to prevent nasty corrosion, rust and even mildew. This product expands and contracts and can even be painted.

Just think of all the uses this super thick sealer would be great for. Fix large cracks in the basement or on concrete. Patch up problem areas on gutters and roofs. Flex Seal Liquid starts out as a very thick liquid that turns into a super strong flexible rubber.

This thick sealant when dry can easy bend. It is so flexible. Makes a super leak proof coating that helps to keep water and other debris out. This is another fantastic product from the makers of Flex Seal.

New Super Thick Flex Seal Liquid

Now there is flex seal liquid that you can pour right into cracks. Dip your tools in it for a tight grip when holding them. It extreme hot or cold Flex Seal Liquid keeps it hold. Unlike thin paints Flex Seal keeps a flexible barrier that is water proof.

There are many, many great features of this new product from Flex Seal. You get super thick liquid rubber in a can. It is non-hazardous and also stops vibrations and noise from coming through. So easy to use you can brush it on, roll it on, pour it on and even dip a product in it. Think of all the products this will be useful for. Save money and don’t call a contractor, handle that repair yourself with this easy to use super thick sealer.

Buy Flex Seal Liquid

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