Flex Seal – Liquid Rubber Sealant Spray Can

Flex Seal Stop Leaks Fast – rubber product to stop leaks

Flex seal in a can is amazing liquid rubber that you spray to stop leaks. Liquid rubber sealant in an aerosol can. Easy to use spray that seals, coats and protects just about anything from water leaks.

Flex Seal Utility Sealant comes in 9 new colors!

Flex Seal 9 New Colors

Flex seal will seal out water and last for years. You can even paint it!

Flex Seal  is a portable easy to use spray that coats, seals and protects just about everything. So how does Flex Seal work? It shoots out a thick, rubberized liquid, seeps into cracks and holes and dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating, Once dry it can be painted any color. Just spray on and seal it! It can stop gutter leaks fast plus do a whole lot more for home repairs.

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Coating As Seen On TV

This is what flex seal does it sprays out a liquid, seeps into the cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Once dried you can paint. Flex Seal is Perfect for so many repairs: Roofs, Gutters,Pipes, Skylights, Pots & More! What will you fix with this sealant? It can seal so many items. Leaky pipe under the sink? Just spray this liquid sealant on it. Think of the money you will save instead of calling a plumber. The easy way to coat seal and stop leaks fast. FlexSeal is actual liquid rubber in a can. Create a bondable barrier that is waterproof. In extreme heat or cold. The commercial that replaced the bottom of a boat with a screen and sealed over it with flex seal and it floated. After a day on the water it stayed a float and the inside was dry.

Flex Seal is the repairman in a can!

The liquid rubber sealer that comes in a can. The amazing gutter sealer spray! Double Your Order and Get Twice The Sealing Power!

Repair a leaky or gutter. Perfect for basement leaks too! Stop leaks and drafts around windows. Stop leaks fast a quick shot instantly fills cracks and hole.

Flex Seal Colors TV Offer

The leak sealer as seen on tv!

A beautiful seal that will last a lifetime. Flex Seal is not effected from weather works in extreme heat or cold. Don’t call a repairman to fix leaks, do it yourself with flex seal. Remember flex seal is a liquid rubber sealer in an aerosol can that stops leaks fast! Needs no prepping, works wet or dry, and is paintable. Can’t get much easier than that. Order your liquid rubber sealant can today!

Order Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Spray – Double Offer – Buy 1 and Get 1 Can Free – Also Get a Free Can of Flex Shot!

Order Flex Seal Canada

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If you are looking for the all NEW Super Thick Flex Seal Liquid in a CanCLICK HERE!
New Super Thick Flex Seal Liquid



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  1. maddie says:

    my husband has been using mighty putty for a few years now and he swears by it. i am just ordering him the flex seal as i happened to see the infomercialfor it the other night on tv. he has a trailer with a fiberglass roof and it got a hole punched in it from a tree limb and he has tried everything to fix it and make it stop leaking. hopefully this will work!!

  2. Maddie: try a product called eternabond. It’s a forever tape made for sealing rv seams and is used in the roofing industry as well.

  3. Seems to me that there should have been some sort of preparation instructions for flex seal. Such as wash all loose materials from surface, scuff surface with sandpaper, apply within this temperature range and let it set up either in or away from sunlight. I’m sure it’s a good product but there needs to be some kind of information along with the sales pitch. Thank you.

  4. Looking forward to trying this product. We have an older house and the gutters have sprung a few leaks over the years. My husband wanted to look into seamless gutters. I seen the infomercial & thought this would be a LOT cheeper.Thank you~

  5. Donna says:

    David, if you read the FAQ on the official web site, it does tell you to use on a clean surface, temperature range and a lot of other info., but, I agree, it would be nice if it was included with the product itself…the only reason I saw the”clean surface”, etc. is because I was trying to find out how many oz. are in the can. It would be nice if that was listed on the product info. too. It is fairly new, I’m sure their going to find out they should add several bit’s of information. I hope this helps!

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