Flex Shot Rubber Sealant Bonds, Caulks and Seals

Flex Shot Thick Liquid Rubber Caulk

Flex Shot

Did you know the makers of Flex Seal introduced a new sealer called Flex Shot.

Flex Shot is the unique really thick rubber sealant that bonds, seals and even caulks. Since Flex Shot is a thick silicone rubber you can fill huge holes and cracks, stopping some of the toughest leaks right away.

It is the say inexpensive way to seal, bond and caulk. Stop paying for other expensive bulky caulking guns.

Flex Shot  liquid rubber is the easy, neat and clean way to make repairs around your home. Flex Shot  waterproof sealer  comes out nice and thick, it can cling to any surface, then it turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible!

Unlike other regular  silicone  caulk that can dry out, crack and eventually shrink, Flex Shot sealant stays strong, expands and contracts making just about everything completely waterproof. It comes with a free extension tube that can make even hard-to-reach repairs perfect every time! You don’t even need a caulk gun.

Flex Shot is a mighty caulk that is so easy to use!
Just follow these really easy steps :

Make sure the surface where you want to apply Flex Shot is dry, clean, and free from grease, oil and dirt. Next hold the can at a 45 degree angle, push against on the nozzle and apply directly to the area you want treated. To get a perfect bead, apply in a steady and even motion. You will be able to adjust your speed to control the thickness of the bead.

So for all those do it yourself projects, use Flex Shot. Get the repair done quicker and save money at the same time. Liquid rubber silicone waterproof sealers are great for repairing many leaks, cracks and other types of holes.

Imagine all the things you can do with Flex Shot. It comes in white, almond, clear and black.

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Get 2 Cans of Flex Shot, 2 Extensions Tubes and a Free Can of Flex Seal!

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