Lawn Equipment and Garden Supplies for Yard Work

Grassology Grass Seed Grows Thicker, Fuller, & Greener

Grassology Grass Seed

Learn More About the Amazing Grass Seen Seen on TV Called Grassology
Grassology is the low-maintenance grass seed that grows roots 4 times deeper so it can reach nutrients. and underground water. Because of this the lawn requires minimal watering. The grass grows slower to dwarf height for less mowing.

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Pocket Hose Ultra Extra Strong Garden Hose

Pocket Hose Ultra

Check Out the 3X Stronger New Pocket Hose Ultra – Comes With a Lifetime Guarantee
The Pocket Hose Ultra contracts for easy storage and has a solar stripe for longer life technology. The ingenious accordion designs expands to a full 25 feet. It won’t tangle or link like other ordinary hoses.

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Empress Paulownia Royal Fast Growing Tree Spring Special

grow your own roayl empress tree

Learn More About the Amazingly Fast Growing Empress Royal Tree
The empress royal tree can grow up to 1 inch ever few days! Amazingly fast growing tree! The Empress Royal Tree has been know as the world’s fasting growing tree. It grows up to 12 feet or more the first year.

Get a set of 2 Empress Royal Paulownia trees. That’s a total of a set of 4 empress royal trees.

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The Amazing Hummingbird Vine As Seen On TV


Learn More How You Can Turn Your Backyard Into a Natural Hummingbird Playground!
The amazing Hummingbird Vine Turns Your Backyard in to a Natural Hummingbird Playground! No other flowering plant you can grow will attract hummingbirds quicker than the fabulous trumpet vine!

DO you love hummingbirds? If so you will love the hummingbird vine.

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Banana Giant Indoor Banana Tree


Learn How to Grow Your Own Delicious Bananas!
With Banana Giant you can grow your own delicious bananas.

Bananas are the perfect ingredient for cereal, pancakes, muffins and bread. Yummy! Five times the vitamin A, five times the iron, 3 times the phosphorus and many potassium.

This banana tree is great for gardeners and fruit lovers. The incredible indoor banana plant tree.

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XHose Pro Expanding Blue Garden Hose by Dap

XHose Garden Hose As Seen On TV

Choose Your Size of the Amazing Xhose
X-Hose by Dap is the as seen on tv blue garden hose that is expandable and does not kink. The XHose unique 2-in-2 design features a tough rubber inner hose covered in durable, super strong webbing. It stays strong in all types of weather.

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Cherry Hedge Grow Your Own Cherries


Get Your Own Cherry Hedge Orchard in Your Own Backyard!
With Cherry Hedge you can Grow Your Own Fresh Cherries at Home. Turn Your Yard into a Bountiful Cherry Orchard with the Incredibly Quick-growing Flowering Cherry Hedge.

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Light Angel Motion Sensor Led Light Stick Up

light angel as seen on tv

Light Angel by Telebrands – Buy 1 Get 1 Free and a Free Olde Brooklyn Lantern
Light Up your home indoors and outdoors with the Light Angel rotating led stick up led lights. The Light Angel is the Stick Up Led Light is so easy-to-install, it is a motion-sensor and of course wireless. Since it is wireless you can place it just about anywhere.

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Natural Solutions Guide Safe and Easy Pest Solution

natural solutions book

Get the Book to Learn How to Safely, Easily and Naturally Resolve Your Pest Problems
Natural Solutions is the guide to safe, easy and natural pest solutions. Over 400 plus pages of solutions. Natural Solutions to things that bug you!

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Lavender Flower Plants Garden Grow Easy

lavender garden spring to fall

Did You Know When You Buy 3 Lavender Plants You Can Get Three Free Plants?
Lavender Garden – the perfect perennial flower to keep your garden looking fresh and alive year after year. Lavender is guaranteed to grow, thrive and is perfect for patios and decks.

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