Get Up & Go Cane Gives You Help Sitting and Standing

My Get Up and Go Cane

With the Get Up & Go Cane get an extra helping hand sitting and standing.

Get Up and Go Cane

Get Up and Go Cane Provides a Helping Hand When Sitting and Standing!

My Get Up and Go Cane has a built-in LED light, and comfortable padding two-handle design that allows you distribute body weight a lot more evenly. An added  hand when sitting and standing.

Order the My Get Up & Go Cane and Recieve Free Shipping!

Created by an orthopedic specialist, this brand-new cane features a rotating second handle that takes care of proper equilibrium and weight distribution. It permits you to make use of both hands for assistance to get up and down much easier.

My Get Up & Go Cane is so easy to utilize! Two-handle design lets you distribute body weight more uniformly.

The distinction is in the equal weight distribution system. Leveraging 10 complete inches of support for appropriate balance and easy movement.

Simply spread the pivoting handle, then lean forward, push yourself up relieving the strain on your back and legs. Developed by a orthopedic surgeon to assist you or somebody you love stand or sit more secure and less complicated.

Regain your independence with this cane. It’s wonderful for tight places, like getting in and out of a car or a dining establishment booth. I am sure this has been a problem for many. Now get out of that booth quicker and easier. It permits you the ability to relocate about in secure areas like the bathroom. As soon as you ‘re up, rotate the rotating handle with back into its original position and utilize similar to a regular cane.

The My Get Up and Go Cane is designed by an orthopedic surgeon to much better aid you or a loved one stand or take a seat much safer and simpler. The cane works on all surfaces with a self standing base, and has a totally adjustable height that supports up to 350 pounds.

Here is a little information on sword canes and walking canes. Considering that the sword canes, like strolling canes generally, were also a screen of the proprietor’s preference, they were commonly extensively decorated. Numerous cane handles were made from luxuriant silver, sculpted timber, the finest cream color, or even embellished with gems and crystals. These ornamentation in fact made the sword canes hard to use as tools, but several recommended look over functionality.

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Order the My Get Up & Go Cane and Recieve Free Shipping!



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