GoJo Hands Free Headset As Seen On TV

GoJo Hands Free Phone Gadget

Gojo Handsfree Phone Headset

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GoJo the only phone accessory on Earth that is truly hands free! The Go Jo Headset works on all phones! It slips on in just 1 second.

The Go-Jo has an adjustable headset which allows for a perfect fit.
It is compatible with all phones and even land lines. You do not need any chargers, or wires.

The Gojo headset is so easy to use. It snaps on and then you slip it over your head and you can talk hands free.

GoJo Hands Free Headset uses a suction cup to hold any phone to your ear even landlines. No wires, no chargers. Truly hands free.

Remember it works with all cell phones, even cordless and corded telephone. Plus it does not require batteries. It has suction a cup that adheres to the back of your phone and the rest of the flexible plastic headset just slips over your head in a jiffy.

The GoJo is a very simple but awesome invention. This handsfree headset is very handy. Stay safe when driving with this inexpensive headset. Do many other tasks easier while you are on the phone, because your hands are free.


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