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Grab Bag – Reusable Shopping Bags That Clips Right to Your Cart

Grab Bag is a reusable shopping bag that easily and quickly clips to your shopping cart. These bags hold what a regular shopping bag can not. It also keeps items safely secure while driving home, so your food items won’t spill over in your trunk.

Grab Bags are extremely versatile. You are sure to find many uses for them. Perfect for bringing your clothes back and forth to the laundry mat. Going for a day at the beach or park? Pack all the items you will need in a grab bag.  Want to tidy up your kids room? Store their toys inside one of these very sturdy bags.

Grab Bags expand and hold much more than what a regular shopping bag can. When not in use they fold flat and are machine washable keeping them sanitary, unlike some other bags you buy.

Grab Bag Shopping Bag

Get rid of those cheap plastic grocery store bags. Instead a Grab Bag As Seen on TV reusable green shopping bags are here! These sturdy, extensible bags hold even more groceries than normal plastic ones and also will not spill over in your trunk. Unloading and packing is easier, with a more comfortable way to carry and also fewer journeys back and forth to your vehicle.

Have you ever had one of those plastic grocery bags just slip right out of your hand only to crash to the ground? Broken glass and food items going everywhere. This won’t occur with Grab Bag. It is made fro a resilient fabric for a much more secure hold. Each expandable bag is known to hold up to 40 lbs or the materials of 4 plastic bags. With less bags to carry, you’ll conserve time loading and also emptying your vehicle!

The wide base of the bags are made to stay put, not topple over as standard bags do. You will be presently surprised to open the back of your automobile and also find your groceries simply as you left them. They stay nicely loaded in place! They easily wipe clean.

Reusable bags are a kind of carrier bag, which are usually available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops.Grab Bags are different because of their unique strength and design. If used once per week, four or five reusable bags could replace over 500 plastic bags a year.

The Grab Bag reusable shopping bags is made from a very sturdy material, because they are meant to last and able to hold a lot of items. This friendly reusable are stylish.

Grab Bags are Perfect for Shopping Clubs as well as Big Box Stores

Simply keep a Grab Bag or two in your vehicle at all times. Go Green these reusable bags Are environmentally friendly. Reusable Grab Bag shopping bags are the eco-conscious choice for your eco-friendly way of life. They are not Just for Groceries

You’ll find many uses for your Grab Bag. They’re terrific for barbecues, sporting events as well as trips to the coastline. Designate one to laundry or completely dry cleansing task. Perfect to transport toys, craft supplies or pet gear.

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