Grater Plater Plate that Grates

Grater Plater



Grater Plater the amazing plate that grates. Grater Plater grate cheese, puree garlic quickly and easily with no mess.

Grater plater the plate that grates as seen on The Show Pitchmen. Wath Anthony Sullivan demonstrate how easy it is to use the grater plater.
Grate cheese, garlic, ginger and more with ease.

Grate cheese with ease
Puree garlic fast and easy
The best ginger grater

Hardened tempered ceramic design that never dulls
Triple glazed so nothing sticks
Add some olive oil and herbs, and it becomes a dipping plate
Use it for baking, chocolate, cinnamon, even coconut
Pass it around the dinner table and grate as you go

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Grater Plater Dish

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