Gripeez Hang Any Object In Seconds Two Sided Grips

Gripeez Hanger Grips – Keep things in place!

With Gripeez you can hang just about any object anywhere in just seconds. Gripeez work well for hanging pictures and keeping rugs in place without any sticky residue.

The extremely ultra light and powerful double sided grips should never slip. They are designed to grip where nothing else will. Gripeez hold up to 5 pounds and are completely reusable. Think of all the places that you can use Gripeez. Perfect to use at home, in the office, dorm room, arts and crafts and even in your car.

Stop doing damage to your walls using nails, hooks or glue. The special material of these grips makes them residue free and extremely strong on both sides. Hang anything, anywhere easily and without a care.

With the amazing Gripeez, you can put things on the wall easily and without damaging your walls.  Hanging things on the wall can be a chore, but not with gripeez wall grippers.

When hanging wall decor art it usually is always a good idea to use a level to help make sure you get the picture straight. Not anymore! Just peel, stick and grip. Step back and if the picture doesn’t look straight pull the picture from the wall and turn slightly and restick until you get just where you want it. You are sure to find using these grips makes hanging items fast and easy.

Ways to Use Gripeez

When hanging your photos, there can be options. The most traditional is with hanging hooks and a wire on the back of the frame. Doing it this way can be time consuming and requires you to put holes in your walls. Well now there is an easier way to hang framed photos just use Gripeez. But, there are some other, more creative ways to hang pictures. Find it easier to group photos together.

Gripeez should stick to many surfaces including wood, steel, glass, plastic, tile or drywall. Stick your cell phone to your dashboard so it is kept close by. This is very helpful especially if you use your phone as a GPS tool.

As mentioned the grips are reusable and remove easily with no damage left behind. Re-use over and over up to 1000 times. They really should last a lifetime.  If by chance they get dirty you can just wash them and once dry they will stick again.

Buy Gripeez

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