Gripgo Cell Phone Holder Hands-Free Car Mount

Gripgo Cell Phone Holder Hands-Free Dashboard Phone Mount

GripGo hands-free mount allows you to quickly glance at your phone for safe driving.


As always, the Gripgo cell phone holder sticky pad holds your phone securely, yet lets it go when you’re eager to have it back without leaving any type of residue. Let your phone stick to Grip-Go, so you can stay with driving and keeping your eyes on the road. No more reaching for the phone and being distracted trying to find it.

Gripgo Hands-Free Phone Mount is very simple to use & safely holds your phone or GPS gadget without leaving a sticky messy deposit. The Grip-Go is the cutting edge hands-free mount for safe driving! You could place it anywhere on the dashboard, and use it with practically any sort of style phone or gps gadget! Use your smartphone’s gps feature and have it close by to glance at it when needed.


The Grip Go cell phone holder hands-free mount instantly grabs hold of your phone and it keeps hold, letting go instantaneously when you remove the phone.

Gripgo phone holder enables you to conveniently glimpse at your phone for safe driving from the dashboard or windshield, depending on where you place it. It uses a suction cup to keep the mount in place. The GripGo Universal Hands-Free Mount permits you to keep your phone where you can glance at it if you need to without taking your attention from the roadway. The ball and socket joint with rotating 360 degrees arm offer supreme adjustability to help to see at many angles.

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