Gyro Bowl Spinning Snack Ball

Gyro Bowl  

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The gyro bowl is an awesome snack bowl for kids that keeps the food in side. Spin and spin it and the snack food does not fall out. The gyro snack container is also great for adults. You can put all kinds of foods and other items in the bowl and carry it around without stuff spilling out.

The Gyro Bowl’s interior shifts around 360 degrees. Use the spinning snack holder for snacks while watching tv, going for a walk, hanging out by the pool and on the run doing errands. The perfect travel snack container.

The gyro bowls are not only a great snack holder it is a fun toy for your child.

Gyro Bowl is the amazing spill-proof bowl that keeps food in place no matter how much your child spins, turns, dumps or drops the bowl.

Spill Resistant Babies Gyroscopic Bowl with Lid

No more cleaning up spilled messes. May even be used for non-food items; such as nails, paper-clips, pins. Top rack dishwasher safe Not microwave safe BPH Free plastic Benefits: Fun for the babies No more cleaning spills – Saves Time! No more throwing away spilled snacks – Saves Currency!

Check out the New Disney Gyro Bowls : which include Minnie Mouse, Pixar Cars, Toy Story or Princesses



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